I Love Being Mommy

I Love Being Mommy

I came to the conclusion that I LOVE BEING MOMMY! I love everything about it! I love my kids so much and I love helping them to become what God has destined them to be. Right now this is who I am. It took me awhile to be OK with this. I was constantly searching out who I wanted to be instead of just following what God has me being. So this new year I am going to really embrace who I am and who God has me being. I can only imagine what God has in store for the future.

I Am Thankful

Each year has had its ups and downs. It’s how life is, BUT WITH GOD I know that He has great things in mind. I have been blown away by His faithfulness and love. I am thankful for what God has given me. He has given me far more than what I could imagine.

I love my husband and the example he leads. He knows that God has him right where He wants him. He knows this because he is a praying man that is constantly in God’s word. He knows God’s voice and is obedient to it. I have struggled with this. I always feel like there is something more. Which there is… but it’s all in God’s timing. Wow! I can relax now. I am so glad that I don’t have to have it all figured out!  No… we don’t have a fancy car and tons of money but we have our needs met and a life full of God’s goodness. We are truly grateful.

Love Others

God did not call us to serve ourselves but to serve others and “us” is not just meaning Ryan and I but ALL OF US. You are created to impact the people around you. Look where you are now and see who God has in your life. Ask God what your purpose is. How are you to help, serve, influence, empower, direct, lead and love people?

I am ready for 2019! I know there are great things in store and the birth of our NEW CHURCH is one of them! I hope you have an amazing holiday season with your family and friends. Yay! I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner!